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Low-fee private schools serve around one third of the country’s population (from kindergarten to 12th grade) and is rapidly expanding its enrolment base. While educational quality is generally perceived to be higher in private schools than in government schools, assessment results show that the quality differential is only marginal – and still very low. In addition, private school owners are often reluctant to invest in improving the quality of education offered in their schools, especially when they have no access to loans to help them finance such improvements, or to information to help them improve their schools.

Knowledge Platform’s content encourages and supports better teaching – and ultimately improved learning. Their Learn Smart Classroom is an innovative and scalable ‘blended learning’ programme for schools in Pakistan. It includes high-quality and interactive digital content for grades 6-12 plus lesson plans and assessments which can be used by the teachers and students in the classroom. All of the content can be accessed by students for self-study after school via the Learn Smart App. Data generated when the platform is used provides real-time data to students, teachers, school principals and other education stakeholders. This data can be used by teachers and students to plan instruction and by school managers to identify where teachers and students might need more help.

Knowledge Platform’s content does not require schools to have constant internet access. It can be used offline. The equipment required – a laptop and projector plus and set of clickers for students - is also relatively easy and cheap to source (and many high schools already have laptops and projectors).

Knowledge Platform’s Learn Smart Classroom is being used in 75 government high schools in Islamabad and they aim to have their product in use in at least 200 low fee private schools in Punjab by the end of 2018.

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